Xie's Tongue Comparison in Horse Chart (CH25)


This 2-page chart is designed to aid the equine practitioner in the examination of the tongue. It includes 1 picture of a normal tongue and 16 pictures of tongues with abnormal color, shape or coating. Each picture has a brief explanation. The following types of tongue are shown:

  1. Normal Tongue
  2. Pale, Wet, Swollen Tongue
  3. Sticky Coating Of Pale Tongue
  4. Pale And Dry Tongue
  5. Red Tongue
  6. Pale And Swollen Tongue
  7. White Coating Of Pale Tongue Tongue
  8. Deep Red And Dry Tongue
  9. Purple With Dark Strawberry Dots At The Edge Tongue
  10. Pale Purple Tongue
  11. Pale And Dry With White Strawberry Dots At The Edge Tongue
  12. Yellow Coating With Purple Tongue Tongue
  13. Pale, Purple, Small Tongue
  14. Pale And Swollen With White Strawberry Dots At The Edge Tongue
  15. Pale Purple, Swollen And Dry Tongue
  16. Pale White Strawberry Dots At The Edge Tongue
  17. Pale Tongue With Crack Lines.
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With the help of colors and schemes, this two-page chart makes it easy to understand diagnostic points for equine conditions. On the first page there is a list of acupuncture points that are used as a diagnostic aid for equine conditions. Such conditions are: shoulder, carpus, fetlock, foot, hip, stifle, hock or tendon/ligament related lameness; stomach pain, possible EPM, hormone-associated syndrome or immune-mediated myofascial syndrome. On this page the points are shown in relation to the horse skeleton. On the second page the points are shown on a picture of a horse and they are grouped according to the condition they are used to diagnose. The use of colors helps to visualize which points are used to diagnose the various conditions that this chart considers.
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