Xie's Tongue Comparison in (Canine) Dogs Chart (CH26)


This two-page chart is designed to aid the small animal practitioner in the examination of the tongue. It includes 1 picture of a normal tongue and 16 pictures of tongues with abnormal color, shape or coating. Each picture has a brief explanation. 
The following types of tongue are shown:

  1. Normal Tongue
  2. Slightly Pale Tongue
  3. Pale and Wet Tongue (2 pictures)
  4. Pale Purple Tongue
  5. Deep Red Tongue
  6. Red Tongue
  7. Pale Purple Tongue (2 pictures)
  8. Purple Tongue in the Kidney and Spleen Areas
  9. Red Purple Tongue
  10. Purple Tongue with White Coating
  11. Pale Tongue with White Coating
  12. Red Tongue with Crusting, Thick White Coating and Areas of “Peeled-off-Coating”
  13. Flat and Wide Tongue
  14. Purple Tongue with Thick White Coating in the Kidney Zone and Indented Tip of the Tongue
  15. Pale Tongue with Sticky Coating