Veterinary Herbal Handbook iPad and iPhone Apps



Learning herbal medicine is not an easy thing to do. Because of the tremendous amount of information embodied in herbal medicine, it is the most time-consuming part. Selecting and administering herbs is also a challenge for any veterinary practitioners in their busy daily practice.

This app is designed for the use of licensed veterinarians who study and use herbal medicine in their daily practice. It covers the details and ingredients of 216 most commonly used herbal formulas for veterinary uses and offers the following features:

1. Portable access to 216 herbal formulas for specifically veterinary use.
- Now you can play the user-friendly pronunciation audio of each formula’s name in order to learn herbal medicine in a professional and efficient way.

2. Find the best herbal formula(s) for your clients.
- by using “Quick Formula Selection Guide by Clinical Condition” and/or “Zang-fu Syndromes”.

3. Formula quick search by:
- Western/TCVM clinical indications,
- Formula name, or
- Formula code.

4. Thirteen articles about basic knowledge of Chinese Veterinary Herbal Medicine.

This app is authored by Aituan Ma, DVM PhD and copyrighted by the Mainland Acupuncture Center.

iPhone App Price: $9.99

iPad App Price: 14.99

To learn more about this app or make a purchase, just open the App Store on your iPhone and search for “Chinese veterinary herbal handbook”, or use following steps to purchase the app on your computer and then sync your iPhone.

1. Open iTune on your computer and Click the iTunes Store Link on the left.
2. Click App Store Link on the top.
3. Input “Chinese veterinary herbal handbook” in the Search box on the top right corner and then press the enter key.
4. Click “Buy” button to order and download the app to your iPhone.