The Spiritual Nature of Animals by Karlene Stange, DVM 2nd Edition (BX37)


The Spiritual Nature of Animals chronicles Dr. Stange's amazing exploration through the teachings of various religious and cultural traditions, as well as her encounters with the magnificent Rocky Mountain terrain and the quirky characters - both animal and human- who inhabit it.


"Dr. Karlene Stange addresses some of the hardest questions veterinarians face and does so with a fascinating and suprisingly seamless blend of science/medicine, spirituality, and personal experience. She gives us the kernels of truth about the spirit, or anima, of animals from the perspective of each amjor religion and distills these into an very practical philosophy."- Susan J. Tornquist, DVM, MS, PhD, Dip ACVP, Lois Bates Acheson Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine, Oregon State University


"Everyone who cares about animals will benefit from this book." - Huisheng Xie, DVM, PhD, founder and dean, Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine