TCVM Treatment for Lameness and Pain (BX17)

TCVM for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Lameness in Dogs, Cats, and Horses The 4 chapter book provides a comprehensive resource for veterinarians to diagnose and treat cases of lameness and pain in canines, felines, and equines.
Editors and Contributors include:
  • Huisheng Xie DVM, MS, PhD Gainesville FL, USA
  • Bruce Ferguson DVM, MS, CVA, CVCH, CVTP, CVFT Murdoch University, AUSTRALIA 
  • Cynthia Lankenau DVM, CVA, CCHM Colden, NY, USA
  • Lorena A. LLoret Nadal DVM, CVA, CVFT, CVCH Madrid, SPAIN
  • and many more...
328 Pages, Hard Cover, Full Color Printing

The title and theme of these proceedings matches the conference theme: Diagnosis and Treatments of Lameness in Dogs, Cats, and Horses. This book features the work of over 25 veterinarians from over 12 different countries. Authors share their findings along with case examples on the subject of diagnosing and treating lameness and pain management. 


  • Black Box Theory and Diagnostic System of the TCVM
  • TCVM for Traumatic Injury
  • Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine for Pain and Other   Emergencies
  • TCVM as a Diagnosis for Lameness and Pain in Veterinary Practice
  • Channel Diagnosis and Topographic Non-Local Minimum Needle Or Balance Acupuncture in TCVM
  • How to Recognize and Analyze Pain in TCVM
  • Chrono Acupuncture: How to Use the TCVM Circadian Clock to Enhance Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease


  • Comparison Between CCL Surgery and Acupuncture Treatment in Dogs
  • Aquapuncture and Herbal Medicine for Medical Management of ACL in Dogs            
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine for Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture and Osteoarthrosis in a "Semi-Vegetarian" Dog       
  • Non-Surgical Management of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rupture in a 12-Year-Old Beagle with Pain and Multifactorial Disease Using TCVM and a Dynamic Stifle Brace            
  • Modified Tui-na Technique Using Weight shifting to Enhance Recovery by Improving Proprioception and Balance       
  • The Use of Goniometry in Small Animals to Localize Lameness and Monitor Recovery and to Improve the Administration of TCVM Methods for Pain Management
  • Electroacupuncture for Neuropathic Pain and Tetraparesis Due to Wobbler Syndrome in a Doberman Pinscher Dog
  • Three Cases of Canine Tracheal Collapse Successfully Treated with Acupuncture
  • A Combination of Electroacupuncture at LI-4 and ST-36 and Acupuncture at GV-20 produce Comparable Post-Surgical Analgesic Effects to Tramadol Hydrochloride in Female Dogs Subjected to Ovariohysterectomy       
  • Clinical Study of the Use and Effectiveness of Electroacupuncture as Analgesic/Anesthetic
  • Method Integrated with Conventional Sedation for Sterilization in Male Dogs            
  • Implant Acupuncture for Osteoarthritis in Dogs with Hip Dysplasia   
  • What Results Can We Expect Treating Chronic Joint Arthritis with Permanent Gold Bead Acupuncture?
  • The Role of TCVM in Supporting Performance Dog Health
  • How to Use Food Therapy in Bi Syndrome in Dogs and Cats 
  • The use of Tui-na and Acupuncture in a Pediatric Patient      
  • Case Study: Right Foreleg Lameness in a Dog Treated with Balance Method
  • Ion Pumping Technique to Control Pain inVeterinary Acupuncture  
  • Effects of Electroacupuncture on Acupoint BL-13 on Respiratory Rate and Oxygen Saturation in Dogs Anesthetized with Propofol               
  • Canine Coxofemoral Luxation: Can We Integrate TCVM? 
  • TCVM Treatment Of Uncontrolled  Glaucoma in a Cat
  • Use of Acupuncture Alone in the Treatment of a Cat with Seizures


  • Tips for TCVM Diagnosis and Treatment of Foot Lameness in Horses               
  • TCVM Diagnosis and Treatment of Tendon and Ligament Injuries in Horses 
  • Tips for TCVM Diagnosis and Treatment of Back Pain in Horses          
  • TCVM in Equine Sports Medicine     
  • Sports Injuries in the Equine: Case Reports 
  • How to Approach and Treat Physitis with TCVM in Juvenile Horses
  • TCVM Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment of Variable Stage Equine Cervical Injury or Facet Arthritis           
  • A TCVM Approach to Constitutional Imbalance and Unresponsive Mystery Lameness in an Eleven-Year-Old PSG Hanoverian Gelding               
  • Acupuncture Treatment of the Stifle Joint Diseases in Sport Horses
  • How to Use TCVM for Degenerative Suspensory Ligament Desmitis (DSLD)/Equine Systemic Proteoglycan Accumulation (ESPA)             
  • The Magic of Tui-na - Complete Reversal of Shoulder Arthritis Along with Age Reversal in Two Eventing Thoroughbreds        
  • The Most Common Meridian Stagnations in the Horse Back and How to Balance Them          
  • Complementing Clinical and Therapeutic Ozone Therapy and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) for Lameness and Pain Management             
  • Ringbone, Iatrogenic Injury for the Past 2 Years in a Purebred Spanish Horse              
  • Neurologic Lameness in Right Front Limb of a Horse Treated with Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine  
  • The use of Acupuncture in a Case of Chronic Laminitis in a Pony Mare            
  • The use of Acupuncture in a Case of Severe Chronic Pain Non-Responsive to Conventional Therapy               
  • Presumptive Equine Large Bowel Ulcerative Disease and Associated Myofascial Pain Pattern: TCVM Diagnosis, and TCVM Treatment           
  • Acute Paralysis of the Soft Palate of a Horse               
  • Cervical Qi and Blood Stagnation      
  • Pleasure Horse Diagnosed with Pemphigus and Successfully Treated with Herbal Formula "Blood Heat"        
  • Yuan Heng's Lameness Diagnosis by Head-Nodding Movement in Horses    
  • TCVM for the Non-Diagnostic Lameness of the Forelimb in Horses  
  • TCVM for the Non-Diagnostic Lameness of the Rear Limb in Horses


  • The Use of TCVM in Zoo and Wild Animals in the Year of 2014: a Collection of Cases         
  • Case Report: Vertebral Spine Trauma and TCVM Approach on a Bengal Tiger  

This book is a collection of the proceedings from the 17th Annual International TCVM Conference, hosted at the Chi Institute in Reddick, Florida in 2015.