TCVM from Dragon Legend to Modern Medicine (BX11)


This 400 pages book is the proceedings of the 14th International TCVM Annual Conference. It covers recent developments in a wide variety of TCVM topics, including:

  • Integrative Treatment for Chronic Cholangiohepatitis Complex-Triaditis in the Cat 
  • TCVM Treatment of Diarrhea And Disc Disease In Dogs
  • Use of Tui-na in Small Animals
  • TCVM Treatment of Equine Infertility, GI Disorders, Facial and Radial Paralysis, and Rectal Prolapse
  • Use of Equine Diagnostic Points
  • TCVM In Exotic, Avian Species and Dolphins
  • The Longitudinal Muscle System
  • PRP as A New Aquapuncture Material
  • Adverse Effects of Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Examination of Bacterial Infection due to Acupuncture
  • Yuan Heng Liao Ma Ji and Its Contribution to World Veterinary Medicine

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