TCVM for Neurological Diseases (BX07)


This 496 pages hard cover book is edited by Drs. Xie, Chrisman and Trevisanello, along with 13 senior TCVM practitioners who are contributors to this book. It is the first book of the kind that focuses on the application of the TCVM for the diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases including cerebral, cranial nerve, spinal cord, neuromuscular disorders and peripheral nerve disorders in small animals and horses. The integrated neurological evaluation, research on neurological disorders, Wei and Tan-huan syndromes are also included. 

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This chart helps the practitioner to make a TCVM diagnosis utilizing Five Elements/Zang-fu and Eight Principles. The first page starts with two simple questions: where and what, then answers these questions with Five Elements and Eight Principles theory. The second page focuses more on the Eight Principles and leads you through Excess and Deficiency Patterns.