TCVM Atlas Mixed Practice Set (CHS-3)


Dr. Xie’s Masterpiece - TCVM Atlas

This beautiful three-ring binder includes the entire collection of TCVM educational laminated charts published by Chi Institute since 2003. Each color chart in the bindder was inserted in a transparent plastic sleeve for quick retrieval during a busy daily practice. Specific chart set, such as Small Animal, Equine and Mixed Practice, is available for purchase by veterinarians specialized in different fields. Over 35% students in the Chi Institute basic acupuncture class 2008 have purchased this binder for their study and clinical practice.

List of Contents

1. TCM Foundations:

1-1 How to Say Common TCVM Words - TCVM Pin Yin Chart (2 pages)
1-2 Five Elements Special Points / Zang-fu Chart (2 pages)
1-3 Five Treasures Chart (2 pages)
1-4 Etiology and Pathology Chart (2 pages)
1-5 How to Make a TCVM Diagnosis Chart (2 pages)

2. Canine Meridians and amp; Points Chart (10 pages) (for S.A./Mixed Set only)

3. Equine Meridians and amp; Points (for Equine/Mixed Set only)

3-1 Equine Single Channel Chart (7 pages)
3-2 Equine Acupoints on Multiple Channels Chart (6 pages)
3-3 Equine Classical Acupoints Chart with Point Description (4 pages)
3-4 Diagnostic Points for Equine Conditions Chart (2 pages)

4 TCVM Clinical Approach

4-1 Dr. Xie’s TCVM Clinical Chart-Kidney (6 pages)
4-2 Dr. Xie’s TCVM Clinical Chart-Heart (2 pages)
4-3 Dr. Xie’s TCVM Clinical Chart-Spleen (4 pages)
4-4 Dr. Xie’s TCVM Clinical Chart-Liver (4 pages)
4-5 Dr. Xie’s TCVM Clinical Chart-Lung (4 pages)
4-6 Dr. Xie’s TCVM Clinical Chart-Cancer/Dermatology (4 pages)

5. Food and Herbology

5-1 Food Therapy Chart (2 pages)
5-2 Top Herbal Formulas for Small Animals Chart (2 pages) (for S.A./Mixed Set only)
5-3 Top Herbal Formulas for Horses Chart (2 pages) (for Equine/Mixed Set only)
5-4 Quick Herbal Reference by Excess and Deficiency Patterns Chart (2 pages) 
5-5 Top Chinese Herbal Materia Medica Chart (4 pages