TCVM approach to Veterinary Dermatological and Immune-mediated Diseases (BX30)


TCVM Approach to Veterinary Dermatological and Immune-mediated Diseases covers the topics that were discussed during the 21st Annual International Conference on TCVM held in Shanghai, China in September, 2019.

The theme of the conference topics centered around TCVM for dermatological and immune-mediated diseases in dogs, cats, and horses. TCVM practitioners and research scientists from around the world have contributed their clinical experiences and research findings to share and enlighten others.

Each topic covers TCVM treatment protocols for common dermatological and immune-mediated diseases. Some topics also include case studies that walk through different stages of treatment; starting with the history of the patient; then proceeding through diagnostic methods, assessment, and treatment; culminating with the outcome. Discussions, key points, and common clinical patterns are included with each topic. Throughout this book you will find, herbal treatment charts, case images, multiple cases for each subject, and acupuncture points used for treatments.

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