Practical Guide to TCVM, Vol. 1: Emergency and Five Element Syndromes (BX13)


Published in 2014, 316 pages, hardcover. Click here to download the list of content.

Practical Guide to TCVM - Emergencies and Five Element Syndromes is the and nbsp;first of 4 volumes in the Practical TCVM series. The whole PGTCVM series tends to provide a single, comprehensive resource for TCVM treatment of the most common disorders seen in modern clinical practice. In 6 chapters and 316 pages, and nbsp; this book details the etiology, pattern differentiation, Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, Tui-na, Food Therapy, lifestyle modification of each TCVM pattern of all these emergency conditions and TCVM syndromes. Each chapter also includes case examples to illustrate the TCVM diagnosis and treatments.
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