N28x0.5 Jing Mei Color Handle Needles 100's (N28x0.5JC)

SKU: N28x0.5JC

28x0.5” (0.35x13mm), for all large animals. 100 needles per box.

The features of this new product are:

Quieter and Greener
5 needle with 1 guiding tube sealed in a plastic sleeve with zero tearing noise that may distract your patients. Less packaging waste to protect mother earth.

Tougher and Sharper
Built with the best quality steel for easier and less painful insertion than common brands.

Cost Effective
Designed and manufactured by Jing Tang and its partner. Priced at 8% to 50% lower than other brands on the market.

The Jing Tang brand needles are manufactured by a well-known needle company to save un-renewable metal like copper and silver.