Integrative and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Food Therapy


The textbook of Integrative and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Food Therapy embraces both western and Eastern wisdom and combines modern scientific nutritional concepts with the principles of traditional Chinese veterinary medicine (TCVM). A board-certified veterinary nutritionist and global experts on TCVM contributed to its creation and it includes color charts, pictures, and approximately 300 AAFCO complete and balanced homemade small animal recipes. Equine top-dressing recipes are also provided. The book systematically introduces detailed food therapy for the most common diseases and disorders in small animal and equine medicine. Disorders are presented according to TCVM Pattern Differentiation and conventional diagnosis. Clinical signs are discussed to enable correct diagnoses and are accompanied by a wide variety of food therapy case examples to aid correct recipe choices for veterinarians. 

This landmark textbook is the first in its field and will significantly improve homemade veterinary food therapy while filling the gap between conventional and TCVM food therapy.

Edited by Huisheng Xie, DVM, PhD, and Margaret Fowler, DVM, MS.

Hardcover, approx 900 pages, Color