Empirical Techniques to Scientific Validation (BX06)


This 341 hard-cover book is a great resource for learning about the many aspects of this growing field of veterinary medicine. It is a collection of the latest scientific research papers and articles on clinical TCVM application, which have been translated and consolidated for Western practitioners to easily be able to access and understand. This book is intended to illustrate the effectiveness of TCVM, as well as provide practical, evidence-based information to enhance veterinary practitioners’ clinical application of acupuncture, herbal medicine, food therapy and Tui-na. To assist readers, the book is presented in five parts: 
 Basic Scientific Research (18 papers)
 TCVM for Small Animals (16 papers)
 TCVM for Exotic Animals (2 papers)
 TCVM for Large Animals (11 papers)
 TCVM Pediatric and Geriatric Medicine (11 papers).