Dr. Xie's 193 Top Chinese Herbs Materia Medica (CH30)


Table of contents for Dr. Xie’s 193 Top Chinese Herbs Materia Medica:

  • Herbs to Tonify Deficiency
  • Herbs to Release the Exterior
  • Herbs to Transform Phlegm and to Relieve
  • Cough & Asthma
  • Herbs to Warm the Interior
  • Herbs to Clear Heat
  • Purgative Herbs
  • Herbs to Relieve Food Stagnation
  • Herbs to Dispel Dampness
  • Herbs to Stop Bleeding
  • Herbs to Invigorate Blood and Break Stasis
  • Herbs to Calm Shen
  • Herbs to Pacify the Liver and Extinguish Wind
  • Herbs to Stabilize and Bind
  • Herbs to Expel Parasites
  • Herbs for Topical Application
  • Herbs to Open Orifices
  • Herbs to Regulate Qi
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This chart helps the practitioner to make a TCVM diagnosis utilizing Five Elements/Zang-fu and Eight Principles. The first page starts with two simple questions: where and what, then answers these questions with Five Elements and Eight Principles theory. The second page focuses more on the Eight Principles and leads you through Excess and Deficiency Patterns.