Clinician’s Guide to Canine Acupuncture (BX27)


Clinician’s Guide to Canine Acupuncture book is a comprehensive, full-color resource for all veterinarians with an interest in canine acupuncture. With over 200 figures covering nearly 400 acupuncture points, this textbook is the “go-to” source for learning or reviewing the locations and clinical indications of canine acupuncture points. This “user-friendly” blend of Conventional Western and TCVM text includes some key features such as:

  •      Original color anatomic illustrations (surface, skeletal and muscular) showing acupuncture point locations.
  •      Multiple live dog color photos of various breeds, showing locations of acupuncture points.
  •      Color figures of anatomic specimens, illustrating acupuncture point locations.
  •      Extensive list of both conventional (Western) and TCVM (Eastern) indications for each acupuncture point.
  •      A chapter devoted to anatomy review, with specific reference to anatomic structures associated with commonly used acupuncture points.


Throughout each chapter, the most commonly used acupuncture points for each meridian are specifically identified for quick reference in a clinical practice setting. In cases for which there are alternative locations for specific acupuncture points, these descriptions are included. Whether you are learning acupuncture or are a seasoned veterinary acupuncturist, Clinician’s Guide to Canine Acupuncture will be an invaluable asset to your library.