Chinese Herbal Medicines: From Historical Legends to Medical Practice (BX19)


This historical storybook provides readers an understanding of commonly used Chinese medicinal herbs through the use of anecdotes. It is a good supplement to formal herbal medicine training while making it must-have for anyone interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine. A brief story explaining the origin and a corresponding picture of each of the 129 herbs makes this book helps make Herbal Medicine fun and easy to learn.


Chapter 1 Herbals to Tonify Deficiency

Chapter 2 Herbals to Release the Exterior

Chapter 3 Herbals to Transform Phlegm and Relieve

Chapter 4 Herbals to Clear Heat

Chapter 5 Purgative Herbs

Chapter 6 Herbals to Warm The Interior

Chapter 7 Herbals to Dispel Damp

Chapter 8 Herbals to Regulate Qi

Chapter 9 Herbals to Relieve Food Stagnation

Chapter 10 Herbals to Stop Bleeding

Chapter 11 Herbals to Invigorate Blod and Break Blood Stasis

Chapter 12 Herbals to Calm Shen

Chapter 13 Herbals To Extinguish Wind and Stop Tremors

Chapter 14 Herbals to Stabalize and Bind

Chapter 15 Herbals to Open Orfices

Chapter 16 Herbals to Expel Parasites

Chapter 17 Herbals for Topical Application


Xiaolin Deng, OMD

Aituan Ma, MS, PhD

Published by: Chi Institute Press
Soft Cover 277 Pages in B&W