Canine (Dog) Meridian Chart-10 Pages (CH01)


This 10-page chart covers 14 acupuncture channels in the dog, accompanied by schemes of the major points. Every Channel has a brief description of its main characteristics: Yin or Yang, time of the day associated with the channel, beginning and end of each channel, Back-Shu, Front-Mu, mother and child points, plus the Horary, Yuan-Source, Xi-cleft and Luo-connecting points. One page shows GV and CV Channels and a table describing the other 6 Extraordinary Channels. On the last three pages, points are grouped by region: limbs head and back, ventral thoracic/abdomen.

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This chart helps the practitioner to make a TCVM diagnosis utilizing Five Elements/Zang-fu and Eight Principles. The first page starts with two simple questions: where and what, then answers these questions with Five Elements and Eight Principles theory. The second page focuses more on the Eight Principles and leads you through Excess and Deficiency Patterns.
This 6-page chart contains 14 equine acupuncture channels and special points schemes. Pictures are from lateral, medial and rear view. In addition you will find acupuncture points in relation to anatomical models of equine skeleton and muscles.