Canine Acupoints App for iPhone and iPad

Have your acupuncture reference right at your fingertips!

This interactive software is designed by Huisheng Xie, DVM, PhD and Cheryl Chrisman, DVM, MS, EdS, ACVIM-Neurology, CVA to assist canine acupuncturists study, review and practice the transpositional and classical acupoints in the dog. 

Each canine acupoint is accompanied by the Pin Yin name and pronunciation, an anatomical description, the needling method, indications and pictures. Its following contents and features assist the veterinarians to practice acupuncture accurately and efficiently.

• Cover all 361 Canine Transpositional Acupoints.
• Cover all 77 Canine Classical Acupoints.
• Canine Acupoints Selection by Syndromes and Patterns.
• Electro-Acupuncture Demonstration Video.
• Canine Acupoint Quick Search - find a point in seconds.
• Each acupoint described in multiple pictures for better illustration.

Over 2,000 licensed veterinarians from over 50 countries are using this app to study and practice veterinary acupuncture in a daily basis.

iPhone App (Price: $99.99): Search for "Canine Acupuncture Point Pro" in the Apple App Store.

iPad HD App (Price:$129.99): Search for "Canine Acupuncture Point Pro HD" in the Apple App Store.