Four Paws and Five Directions by Dr. Schwartz (BS03)


Welcome to the ancient healing art of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), now for cats and dogs! Used with great success on humans and finally available to our four-legged friends. Starting with the head and working toward the toes, Four Paws, Five Directions addresses a host of problems that anyone living with an animal companion may encounter. For instance, a surprising number of behavioral problems are actually physiological in origin. Instead of costly remedial training, a change in diet or the addition of acupressure or herbs to the animal's care may be the solution. Practical procedures are outlined in clear, comprehensible language, with assessment worksheets, diagnosis charts, and 70 photographs to assist you in making treatment decisions. With a little practice, these are procedures you can use for treating your cat or dog at home. Used as either an adjunct to Western medicine or on its own, Four Paws, Five Directions helps you bring your animal friend's body into balance through a treatment-and-prevention approach that saves both of you from undue distress. Cheryl Schwartz, DVM is the founder of the EastWest Animal Care Center in Oakland, California, one of the first holistic centers of its kind. She is a trained veterinarian who has been using TCM in her practice for 15 years. Softcover, 406 pages.