Annotated Yuan Heng's Collection on the Treatment of Equine Diseases (BT05)


Yuan Heng’s Classical Collection on the Treatment of Equine Diseases (Yuan Heng Liao Ma Ji – 1608AD) is one of the most significant ancient veterinary textbooks. This annotated edition marks the first time that the entire text has been translated into English, and therefore made accessible to Western practitioners. The English text is accompanied by the original Chinese to aid in reference. Originally written by the Yu brothers in 1608, this book is invaluable because it provides a detailed summary of Chinese veterinary medical knowledge from antiquity through the 17th century. 

Using eloquent language, the text describes everything from equine husbandry to the detailed treatment of hundreds of diseases. It includes basic TCVM theories and detailed descriptions of herbal formulas that had never previously been described. Many of the diseases this text describes are recognizable to modern practitioners, and many of the herbal formulas included are still used today; thus, this book is interesting and relevant to modern practitioners from both a historical and a clinical perspective. 

It has taken over twenty years for a group of over fifty TCVM and English scholars led by Drs. Dalu Song, Huisheng Xie and Lindsey Wedemeyer to translate and edit this book. This edition was finally published by China Agricultural Press.