9th TCVM Annual Conference - Complete DVD Set (24 Lectures) with Proceedings (DVD07)


This product contains the following items:

9th Annual TCVM Conference – TCVM DVD Set
Lecture 1: TCVM Body-mind-spirit (By Dr. Huisheng Xie) 
Lecture 2: Taoist and TCVM practitioners (By Dr. Cheryl Chrisman) 
Lecture 3 and 4: The Spirit of Veterinarians: balanced and healthy veterinary medical practice (By Dr. Cheryl Schwartz)
Lecture 5: What is behavior and when it is a problem (By Dr. Schwartz)
Lecture 6: Energy fields, meridians and acupoints (By Dr. Schwartz)
Lecture 7: Approaching and treating canine behavioral issues (By Dr. Schwartz)
Lecture 8: Approaching and treating feline behavioral issues (By Dr. Schwartz)
Lecture 9 and 10: Shen disturbance: a TCVM approach (By Dr. Xie) 
Lecture 11: The diaphragm, breathing and behavioral issues in the horse (By Dr. Schwartz) 
Lecture 12: Approaching and treating horse behavioral issues (By Dr. Schwartz)
Lecture 13: Equine Case Study (By Dr. Xie)
Lecture 14: Equine Wet-lab Demo (By Dr. Xie)
Lecture 15: Life and business, relaxation and practice (By Barbara Lowell)
Lecture 16: Scientific, Evidence of Meridian (By Dr. Zeng /Dr. Luo)

9th Annual TCVM Conference – Behavior DVD Set
Lecture 17: Feline Inappropriate Elimination 
Lecture 18and19: Feline Social Behavior and Aggression 
Lecture 20: Feline Over-Grooming 
Lecture 21: Canine Social Behavior and Aggression 
Lecture 22 and 23: Canine Storm Phobia and Separation Anxiety
Lecture 24: What to Look for in a Good Trainer
(All lectures in this DVD set are taught by Dr. Terry Curtis, who is a conventional veterinary behavior expert)