TCVM Approach to Veterinary Dermatological and Immune-mediated Diseases covers the topics that were discussed during the 21st Annual International Conference on TCVM held in Shanghai, China in September, 2019.
A Professional Curry and Massage tool for Horses, Dogs and cats

-Rugged and durable construction

-Soft rubber feel and ergonomic handle. Balances comfortably in your hand.

-Flexible teeth for deep cleaning, massaging and bathing

-Gently massages while loosening grime and shredding hair

-Double-sided - suitable for thin and thick coats

Hospice and Palliative Care for Companion Animals: Principles and Practice offers the first comprehensive reference to veterinary hospice and palliative care, with practical guidance and best practices for caring for sick and dying animals.
Pain, Lameness, Neurological and Endocrine Disorders- TCVM Update is a collection of the proceedings from the 20th Annual International TCVM Conference, hosted in Reddick, FL in 2018.
$103.00 $95.00
Clinician’s Guide to Canine Acupuncture Book is a comprehensive, full-color resource for all veterinarians with an interest in canine acupuncture.
Take advantage of your waiting room. Ease your clients anxiety with art, knowledge, and your intention. Each poster is printed on a non-sheen 300 cover stock and was given an extra matt aqueous coating for protection. The poster is made in popular frame size (24” X 32”) to bring down the overall cost.
This two-page chart summarizes the energies and actions of food for horses. It helps you determine what to feed your Qi, Blood, Yin or Yang deficient patients, and which foods to use to resolve stagnation, drain damp and transform phlegm. For each category there is a list of food items and their various functions and indications.