Karlene Stange’s spiritual journey began as she drove her pickup loaded with medical supplies to attend to animals throughout southwestern Colorado, where the Animas River carves the landscape.As an ambulatory veterinarian, she has experienced the challenges, sorrows, and joys of working with creatures great and small and feels a powerful kinship with these beautiful beings, a bond that goes beyond flesh and fur and feathers. The Spiritual Nature of Animals chronicles her amazing exploration through the teachings of various religious and cultural traditions, as well as her encounters with the magnificent Rocky Mountain terrain and the quirky characters — both animal and human — who inhabit it.
Get the perfect tool for veterinary acupuncturists, medical spinal manipulation practitioners and chiropractors! This vinyl-covered bale features a durable, adjustable nylon strap and is made with high-density Styrofoam. The bale is light-weight, at 18 pounds, and can be easily carried. The additional height makes adjusting horses and conducting acupuncture treatments much more convenient.
TCVM for Geriatric Medicine and Palliative Care is a collection of the proceedings from the 19th Annual International TCVM Conference, hosted in Toronto Canada in August 2017.
lt-Vet: The revolutionary Pet care and Longevity Solution explores the alternative therapies that are available to your pet through a network of alternative veterinary medicine practitioners throughout the country.
Time for the TCVM! Clock designed to illustrate the five Elements, twelve Meridians, six Channels and the path of Qi energy as the day progresses
This 407-page, 12-chapter book serves as a reference to veterinarians who serve exotic, zoo and farm animals. This book along with the others in the Practical Guide series allows busy practitioners to quickly look up relevant information needed to design a comprehensive treatment protocol. Treatments covered include acupuncture, herbal medicine, Food Therapy, Tui-na and lifestyle/exercise modification.